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20 yard

Atlantic Disposal has 20 yard roll-off dumpster rentals ideal for small to medium remodeling and construction projects. Our dependable 20-yard roll-off dumpsters safely store waste and get the job done. It is a great choice for heavy debris such as concrete, bricks or rubble. We recommend the 20 yard roll-off dumpster for small cleanup projects.

20 Yard Roll-off Dumpster Rental

It’s easy to schedule a dumpster delivery. Our 20 yard roll-off dumpsters are steel tub-style containers. A great roll off size if you have a small space to place a dumpster container or you are cleaning out a small garage, room, yard, light demolition or smaller construction jobs.

Need roll-off dumpsters for a home, business or jobsite?

How much fits into a 20 yard dumpster?

A dumpster this size typically holds up to 20 cubic yards of debris, or about 120 large trash bags. The 20 yard roll-off dumpster is a medium sized container and is equivalent to approximately eight pickup truck loads.

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View all of our roll off dumpster sizes and make the right choice for your project. If you ever have questions about choosing the appropriate roll-off dumpster size feel free to call our office to discuss the best dumpster choice for you.

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20 Yard Roll-off Dumpster Rentals

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Why rent a 20 Yard roll-off dumpster?


  • Repairing a roof
  • Remodeling a small kitchen
  • Renovating a bathroom
  • Remodeling walls, flooring and carpet


  • Garage cleanout
  • Removing unwanted items from house or attic
  • Estate cleanup
  • Storage shed cleanout
  • Dispose of broken or unwanted furniture


  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Sidewalk removal
  • Dispose of unwanted bricks
  • Large lumber from old planting beds
  • Tree removal
  • Junk removal
Common Questions

Roll-off dumpsters are sized based on how many cubic yards of waste they hold (so a 20-yard roll-off dumpster holds 20 cubic yards of waste). The dumpster comparison (here) can help you select the right dumpster for the job. And as always, our team is here to answer any questions you have or make a recommendation for your project. Just reach out to our office staff for further questions at 833.239.2783

Pricing is determined by the roll-off dumpster size, type of debris (heavier materials or certain types of waste can increase cost), length of the rental, distance to the nearest landfill or transfer station, and any additional fees (landfill fees, city-specific fees, etc.). Contact us for help finding the most cost-effective option for your project and needs.

Depends on where you plan on putting it. Typically, you only need a permit if you’re placing your roll-off dumpster on public property (in the street, directly on a sidewalk, or on any other type of public property). If you’re placing your roll-off dumpster in your driveway or a privately owned space, you usually don’t need a permit.

It’s important that you don’t overload your roll-off dumpster, as an overloaded dumpster can be dangerous to pick up and transport. A roll-off dumpster should never be filled above the height of the walls. Our roll-off dumpsters have a fill line. If the debris in the dumpster extends past the fill line, rearrange the dumpster so it can be transported legally and safely. You should also consider the weight of the material you plan on loading into the dumpster, as excessive weight can create unsafe conditions and result in additional fees.

If you have any questions or concerns about the amount or weight of debris that will be placed in your roll-off dumpster, contact us.

To prepare for your dumpster delivery, it’s important to know where you want to place it.

Pay close attention to the dimensions of the roll-off dumpster you plan on ordering and double check the dimensions of the space where you’re placing it. You want to place your roll-off dumpster in a flat area with at least three feet of clearance around each side, 30 feet of unobstructed clearance height, and 40 feet of unobstructed space in front of the dumpster to allow for pickup.

Make sure that the driver can access the delivery area, whether that means opening gates or unlocking restricted areas. Also remove any objects that might obstruct your dumpster delivery, including automobiles and bikes.

  • All Fluids
  • Automotive Fluids
  • Industrial Waste
  • Propane Tanks
  • Industrial Drums
  • Flammable Substances
  • Harsh Chemical Cleaners
  • Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Paints, Solvents, and Varnishes
  • Batteries
  • Asbestos
  • Tires